Specialist training in Swaziland

Vicky Maroun

June 8, 2022

Specialist training in Swaziland

A trainee sands and flats body filler.

The Bulldog Abrasives Automotive & HB specialist team recently did some hands-on training at a facility in Swaziland.

The workshop that spanned over a few days, included training many RATCO customers from across Eswatini. Full intensive training was given on the following:

Stripping the paint and primer away entails taking the vehicle down to ‘bare metal, and then preparing it for various body fillers. Application and flatting of the fillers, and guidance on where to use the various types, and how to sand and prepare them.

Applying and flatting primer, as well as the topcoats. The guys were then taught to work with cutting crème and polish with wool and compound heads, for final finishing purposes. All training and demonstrations were executed using the world-class extensive range of abrasives that BASA stocks for the Sub-Saharan region.

The inter-active seminar turned out to be a great success, wielding a very positive result in the form of up-skilling, and a transfer of vital skills and knowledge.



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