The training and development centre is one of a kind. It has been established primarily to equip unskilled labourers with skills to enable them to seek employment in any of the automotive, industrial, woodworking or DIY industries. It provides them with a real opportunity to find gainful employment and contribute to the Southern African economy.

There is a unique theory training room looking on to a spray booth. The room is designed to accommodate 24 trainees at a time who will each receive weeks of comprehensive training. The centre is equipped with state of the art audio visual technology and equipment to ensure that the trainees receive exceptional instruction, education and on the job training.


Programmes & Facilities

Our instructors are highly experienced, hands on people who will not only impart their technical and hands-on skills, but will also provide the trainees with specific knowledge for all of the products we supply. The centre has a canteen to cater for the trainees and is fully air conditioned to ensure that they are physically and mentally at their peak so that they can maximise their knowledge intake.

Each of our major suppliers has its own display booth with its entire range of products on display. The booths each have televisions and digital video facilities to run educational programs on our products. The centre is extremely useful for both existing, new distributors and end users. This will ensure they are using our entire range optimally and are aware of all the products.


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