Mirka celebrates its 80th year!

Michael Heaver

March 12, 2023

The Helsinki-based company, Mirka, is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, marking eight decades of leading innovations in abrasives manufacturing. Founded in 1943 by engineer Onni Aulo, production did not begin until 1946 due to the Continuation War. Today, with headquarters in rural Ostrobothnia, Finland and a global network, Mirka has become a world leader in the surface finishing industry.

Mirka’s CEO, Stefan Sjöberg said, “Physically, Mirka is a very different company today than when we started. But our core vision is still the same – To give people, our customers, the opportunity to perform better and to get that perfect finish – and this is something that also drives us in our daily operations, the strive to continuously improve what we do.”

Throughout the years, Mirka has seen numerous milestones, including opening its first subsidiary in the UK in 1979, the launch of Abranet in 2001, a dust-free sanding solution, and developing award-winning power tools.

Despite the celebration of its past achievements, Mirka is looking forward to the future and the potential opportunities presented by the Green Deal in the European Union and the global green transition. Sjöberg believes that solving these challenges will be crucial for the company’s continued relevance in the industry, stating “The one who solves this puzzle will be relevant for many years to come. Looking at our organization today, I am confident that Mirka will also be here to celebrate its 90th and 100th anniversary.”

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