Scuff Stuff Makes Surface Prep Smooth

Vicky Maroun

December 14, 2017

Prepping a bumper cover and other surfaces is critical to ensuring proper paint adhesion. Correct surface prep can minimize or eliminate costly, time-consuming rework

Paintin blue car bumper by proffesional.

Scuff Stuff® is the ideal paint prep product because it addresses two of the most common complaint areas regarding improper topcoat adhesion:

  1. Bumpers and other plastic surfaces
  2. Blend areas near the repair/repainted area

How Scuff Stuff® Works
Scuff Stuff features three attributes that make it ideal for prepping surfaces for painting:

  • First, Scuff Stuff acts like a cleanser and removes surface contaminants such as waxes, road films and dirt.  This is important because those contaminants prevent proper paint adhesion.
  • Second, Scuff Stuff is a water-soluble formula that rinses away without causing sand scratch swelling.
  • Third, Scuff Stuff contains super-fine abrasives that create a consistent surface profile helping coatings spread flatter and bond more securely to treated surfaces.

Scuff Stuff® Works Better
Because Scuff Stuff combines a cleaning and scuffing agent in one, it has superior workability.  In side-by-side bumper cover trials, using the same amount of material, Scuff Stuff outperformed the competition by 60%. The technician was able to clean and scuff more than double the surface area with Scuff Stuff vs. the leading competitors.


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