Presta Ultra Cutting Creme – Guaranteed results, proven!

Vicky Maroun

May 28, 2018

Bulldog Abrasives was established in 1997 offering a complete solution to the bodyshop and restoration markets.

In this short video we demonstrate how you can achieve a floorless finish, quickly and easily, by using a combination of our world-class products, heroing Presta 6-12 Ultra Cutting Crème.

Presta 6-12 Ultra Cutting crème is our best-selling compound. Easy to use and extremely versatile. It removes medium to heavy scratches, oxidation and weathering. Unlike most consumer products that simply fill scratches, Presta’s 6-12 Ultra Cutting Creme actually mechanically removes defects from your car, motorcycle or boat’s finish.

To order Presta products or arrange a live product demonstration, contact our professional sales team here.

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