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Step 2: Presta Ultra 2-Step Finishing Polish


Presta’s All-In-One Polish and Swirl Remover. It is designed for use on both new and aged clear coat paint surfaces and creates a rich, deep gloss with a swirl-free finish in a single step. The formula is water-based and contains no waxes, fillers, or silicones. Ultra 2 Step Finishing Polish is easy-to-use and easy to clean up, significantly reducing buffing time when used in conjunction with Presta’s Ultra 2 Step Cutting Compound.

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PRES1394322-Step Finishing Polish Step 2 946ml1
Features And Benefits
Advanced all-in-one polish and swirl remover
Water-based formula contains no waxes, fillers or silicones
Creates a deep gloss and swirl-free final finish
For best results use grey waffle foam polishing pad (Part number PRES890172). Recommended speed: 1800 rpm

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