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Best Wax® Paint Sealer




Presta Best Wax is a premium wax. It is designed to enhance and create a dazzling gloss on automotive and marine finishes. This outstanding Carnauba wax-based/silicone formula seals and protects cured paint against environmental damage. This long-lasting formula will shield the paint from industrial fallout, acid rain, rail dust, bird droppings, tree sap, and most kinds of a chemical attacks.

The paint must be fully cured before applying Best Wax. Apply by hand or with a polisher.

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PRESBW 473ML Best Wax® Paint Sealer 473ml 1

Features and benefits
Creates dazzling gloss and colour depth on automotive and marine finishes.
Protects against acid rain industrial fallout rail dust bird droppings and tree sap
Seals treated surfaces for a long-lasting Carnauba wax shine
Produces superior gloss easily

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