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SATA Vision 2000 Respirator Kit, with activated charcoal belt unit


The SATA vision 2000 has a full hood that is designed to meet the requirements of painters and protects the respiratory system, eyes, skin, and hair.

In addition, it offers high wearing comfort and optimum hygiene. The hood with hygienic hood inserts, replaceable sweatband and acoustic warning device is available as a set. This includes a belt unit – with an optional activated carbon absorber, airflow regulation and displays or a T-piece with an airflow regulation.

Product Benefits

  • Outstanding Air Quality: Ensures excellent breathing air quality by supplying air independently of the ambient environment. No inhalation resistance and offers exceptional comfort.
  • High-Level Protection: Provides a high level of protection, making it suitable for extended application periods. Can protect against substances up to 100 times the TRK-value*.
  • Convenient Visor Operation: Features a visor that can be operated with one hand.
  • Clear View: Offers a non-reflective view thanks to a solvent resistant special foil.
  • Cost-Effective: Boasts low operating costs and quickly recoups the purchase costs.
  • Requires use in conjunction with a filter unit, preferably the SATA filter, with air supply facilitated via a specialized compressed air hose.
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