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H-827P HVLP Spray Gun

Bulldog Auto

The H-827 Spray Gun is easy to use and ideal for most automotive painting, furniture painting, and equipment painting. It may be used with lacquers, basecoat/clearcoat systems, and polyurethane/urethane topcoats. The 600ml gravity feed design assists with easy cleanup and minimises the waste of material left in the canister. The gun’s polished aluminium housing also allows for easy cleanup.

Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
H827P/1.4H-827P HVLP Spray Gun, 1.4mm Nozzle1
H827P/1.7H-827P HVLP Spray Gun, 1.7mm Nozzle1
H827P/2.0H-827P HVLP Spray Gun, 2.0mm Nozzle1
Technical Data
Fluid Nozzle:1.4mm/1.7mm/2.0mm
Air Pressure:
1.4mm45PSI (3.10bar)
1.7mm:50 PSI (3.45 bar)
2.0mm:50 PSI (3.45 bar)
Air consumption:
1.4mm:7.5 CFM (212.38 l/min)
1.7mm:8.8 CFM (249.19 l/min)
2.0mm:10 CFM (283.17 l/min)
Pattern width of fan-shape:
Air inlet:G 1/4"
Capacity of Cup:600ml
Feed Type:Gravity Feed

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