Panel Repair Paint Stand, Rotating

Bulldog Auto

The Bulldog Abrasives Homegrown Rotating Panel Repair Stand is ideal for various automotive body parts like doors, bonnets, bumpers, wings, and spoilers, this paint stand boasts a compact design that can accommodate even larger panels. It features full 180° rotation, adjustable and rotating bars for different panel types, and portability for easy movement from preparation to the spray booth. The stand is made from steel tubing with a galvanized finish, measures 800x600x850mm, and includes 2 x 8-inch wheels for mobility.

Technical specifications:
Colour:Grey powder coated
Rotation:90 degrees
Locking positions:7
Wheels:4 x 4” castor wheels
Part No.DescriptionMin Qty
BHG0205Panel Repair Paint Stand, Rotating1

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