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Masking Film Dispenser, Box-type

Bulldog Auto

Geared for efficiency and convenience in automotive painting and bodywork, this dispenser allows for the film to be wheeled upright and then tilted 90 degrees for use either vertically or horizontally. It fits most masking film rolls and can hold rolls up to 1400mm in width. Made from steel and powder-coated for durability, the dispenser is available in grey. It features two 8-inch PU wheels for easy manoeuvrability around the workshop

Technical specifications:
Movement:Vertical or horizontal tilting – 90 degrees
Colour:Powder coated – Grey
Wheels:2 x 8” PU wheels
Masking film roll size:Up to 1400 mm wide
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BHG0649Masking Film Dispenser, Box-type1

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