Inox Plus Thin Line Cutting Disc, Type 41


Suitable for cutting stainless steel, thin metal sheets, steel pipe and flat bars. This disc features a longer lifespan, an advantage of faster cutting, and has a specification which minimises the heat effect on stainless materials that have a sensitive nature against heat.

Part No. Description Min Qty
KARBOS-90871 Inox Plus Cutting Disc, ZA46R, 115mmx1.0x22mm 50
Suitable Materials
All structural materials
High alloy steels
Hardened steels
Stainless steel (Inox)
Common steel cast (containing Mn and stainless properties)
Long lifespan
Faster cutting
Minimises the heat effect on stainless materials
Suited For
Stainless steel
Thin metal sheets
Steel pipe
Flat bars

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