Metal Cutting Disc, Flat, Type 41


Karbosan metal cutting discs have a long life span with a fast cut. It is a high-performance industrial disc suitable for iron and mild steel cutting.

Part No.DescriptionMin Qty
KARBOS-10010Metal Cutting Disc, A36T, 100mmx2.5mmx16mm25
KARBOS-10910Metal Cutting Disc, AA24S, 115mmx3mmx22mm25
KARBOS-10920Metal Cutting Disc, A36T, 125mmx3mmx22mm25
KARBOS-10040Metal Cutting Disc, A36T, 180mmx3mmx22mm25
KARBOS-10050Metal Cutting Disc, A36T, 230mmx3mmx22mm25
Suited For
Profile pipe or general solid iron types
General construction steels
Fast cut
Suitable Materials
Construction steels
Concrete reinforcing iron
Hardened steels i.e. Tool steels and Hardox
High alloyed steels
Cast iron

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