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Car Interior Protection Kit, Disposable, 5-in-1

Bulldog Auto

5-in-1 car care kit includes everything needed to keep a car’s interior clean during maintenance. The set features a plastic car seat cover (15 mic x 1300mm x 800mm, HDPE), paper floor mat (500mm x 380mm with one colour print), plastic steering wheel cover (15 mic x 100mm x 1300mm, LDPE), plastic gear cover (15 mic x 160mm x 140mm), and plastic brake cover (15 mic x 160mm x 140mm). This selection of disposable items provides full coverage, safeguarding the vehicle’s interior from dirt, grease, and spills during servicing or repairs.

Plastic car seat cover:15 mic x 1300 mm x 800 mm, HDPE
Paper floor mat:500 x 380 mm (with one colour print)
Plastic steering wheel cover:15mic x 100 mm x 1300 mm, LDPE)
Plastic gear cover:15 mic x 160 mm x 140 mm
Plastic brake cover:15 mic x 160 mm x 140 mm
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BD005-1Car Interior Protection Kit, Disposable, 5-in-11

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