The New Non-Corrosion Product Range

Vicky Maroun

June 13, 2016

The preparation of corrosion sensitive surfaces requires abrasive products which contain the lowest possible amount of heavy metals. Aluminium based material and the demand from AOEMs for sanding corrosive sensitive materials are increasing. To meet this market requirement, Mirka is now the first abrasive company providing a full range of products from net to paper based and non-woven discs and sheets.

Why NC products?

Traditional abrasive products contain significant amounts of heavy metals, such as iron, chromium and copper. During the sanding operation, impurities can contaminate the aluminium surface. Scratches or defects in the paint or oxide layer (eloaxted aluminium), which occur after the finishing proces, can trigger the corrosion process. Parts of the car body, such as bonnets and fender edges, which are exposed to stone chipping and other damages, are also at risk. High critical is the aftermarket repair of aluminium parts.

What Is The Difference?

Special raw materials containing the lowest possible amounts of heavy metal contaminants have been used in the NC product range. Special procedures are applied throughout the production process to reduce the metal contents and ensure a stable quality. Due to the construction, the NC products show significant lower heavy metal contents than the corresponding traditional products.


The Mirka NC product range meets the AOEM requirements for sanding corrosion sensitive substrates like aluminium.mirka-nc-image2

Abranet NC contributes to clean and safe working environment.

Mirka NC abrasives


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