White Wool Double-sided Cutting Mop


Achieve a flawless finish with our 200mm Wool Double-Sided Cutting Mops, designed for heavy cut compounding and effective removal of heavy sanding scratches. Crafted from a premium blend of Australian wool and acrylic, these mops offer unmatched softness and durability. Their superior stability and flexibility make them the perfect choice for a wide range of polishing tasks, including automotive, wood, and various products.

Easy to use with a 14mm-5/8″ thread adaptor (sold separately), our wool pads are ideal for light cutting applications, ensuring a smooth and polished surface every time. Enhance your polishing routine with these high-quality, versatile cutting mops.

Technical Specifications:
Comprised of a single ply untwisted blend of 50% wool and 50% acrylic.
Made from high-quality Australian wool.
Ideal for light cutting applications.
Compatible with 14mm-5/8' thread adaptor (sold separately).
Utilises Australian wool for exceptional softness and durability.
Provides excellent stability, wearability, and flexibility during use.
Versatile application for automobile polishing, wood polishing, and various other applications.
Part NoDescriptionSize
SUN4608-42White Double-Sided 200MM Wool Mop 5/8”1
KAM111White Double-Sided 200MM Wool Mop 5/8”1

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