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Tyvek Overall

Area of Application

This Tyvek overall is suitable for anyone who needs protection during spray painting, renovation works and machine servicing. It has excellent protection properties against paint-mist, dust and dirt.


Tyvek Overall is an overall with a hood and elastic rubber bands on the end of the sleeves and trouser legs. It has a long zipper at the front which makes it comfortable to wear. It is made of an anti-static, breathable fabric that is lint-free and protects from paint mist and micro dust.

Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
VOS411Tyvek Overall, White, Small1
VOS412Tyvek Overall, White, Medium1
VOS161Tyvek Overall, White, Large1
VOS162Tyvek Overall, White, X-large1
VOS163Tyvek Overall, White, 2X-large1
VOS413Tyvek Overall, White, 3X-large1

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