TC-Ball Nosed Cylinder Bur, Double-cut, 6mm shank

Bulldog Industrial

Bulldog Abrasives range of Tungsten carbide burs are perfect for all types of Industry. Sporting the well trusted “Double Cut”, they provide the user with high stock removal, extended lifespan and precision cutting ability. They are available at very competitive prices, making them well suited for the South African market.

Part no.DescriptionMin qty
C0616M06TC-Ball Nosed Cylinder Bur, 6mm dia, 16mm cut length1
C0820M06TC-Ball Nosed Cylinder Bur, 8mm dia, 20mm cut length1
C1020M06TC-Ball Nosed Cylinder Bur, 10mm dia, 20mm cut length1
C1225M06TC-Ball Nosed Cylinder Bur, 12mm dia, 25mm cut length1
C1625M06TC-Ball Nosed Cylinder Bur, 16mm dia, 25mm cut length1

Suited For
Getting into corners and hard to reach places
Removing Welds
Double-cut bur
6mm Shank

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