Surface Conditioning Conversion Material

Bulldog Industrial

Faster finishing – Self-sharpening, tough blue-fired Alox grain offers a cleaner cut.

Better edge stability – Crosslink adhesion technology promotes a stronger connection between the grain and fibre.

Low stretch scrim – Specially selected low stretch scrim restricts belt elongation during use.

Longer lifetime – Improved resin system results in more stability at higher temperatures making it possible to work longer.

Suitable Materials
Non-alloy / low-alloy / mild steel
High alloy steel / stainless steel
Non-ferrous metals
Other metals
Available in
Technical Specifications
Grain: Blue-fired Aluminium Oxide
Colour: Brown, pink and turquoise
Backing: Scrim
Bonding: Polyurethane
Grit range: Course A 5150; Medium A 5151; Fine A 5152
Coating: Nylon Polyester
Suitable for
Surface refinement
Removing discolouration
Structuring / finishing
Smoothing and blending of flaws
Surface treatment
Removal of rust and paint

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