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Step 1: Presta Ultra 2-Step Maxcut™ Compound


Innovative Formula Handles the Toughest Clears. Removes P1500 and finer sand scratches on difficult clear coats such as fast drying production clear or low VOC clears.

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PRES1390322-Step Maxcut™ Compound Step-1, 946ml1
Features and Benefits
Super-hard diminishing abrasive cuts quickly and produces a high-gloss finish
STEP 1 of the Ultra 2 Step® Buffing System is to produce a flawless swirl-free final finish
Water-based for quick and easy clean up
Body shop safe: contains no waxes fillers or silicones
For best results use with Presta Black and White Wool pad.(Part number PRES890146) Recommended speed: 1800 rpm

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