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Scuff Stuff® Surface Preparation


Scuff Stuff® is a high-performance scuffing agent that enhances paint adhesion by ensuring cleanliness and consistent surface profiling. It saves time and helps professionals abrade and clean with less effort.

As an industry-trusted product for cleaning and abrading plastic bumpers as well as preparing blend and hard-to-reach areas, Scuff Stuff® offers superior workability and rinses off easily and cleanly with water.

Part No Description Min Qty
PRESSCUF28OZ Scuff Stuff® Surface Preparation 827ml 1
PRES131730 Scuff Stuff® Surface Preparation 3kg tub 1
Features And Benefits
Ensures paint adhesion in blend and hard-to-reach areas
Removes waxes, sealers, road film, and soils from auto finishes
Does not cause scratch-swelling in blend areas
Rinses away completely
Reduces panel and vehicle prep time
Helps prep plastic bumpers

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