Rust Removal Tool, Flexible Head, 0.9 HP


0.9 HP Flex Head Rust Removal Tool, a must-have for auto body shops and metalworking enthusiasts alike. Featuring a patented flex head with a locking clamp, this tool ensures precise and stable performance, even at special angles.

Effortlessly remove corrosion, rust, sealants, or clean weld seams from metal and other surfaces with ease. Plus, its low-noise design ensures a quieter working environment, enhancing user comfort without sacrificing power.

Technical specifications:
Spindle size:9 mm
Net weight:1.2 kg
Length:290 mm
Rotation speed:4000 rpm
Air hose size:3/8” (10mm)
Avg. air consumption:4.1 cfm (117 L/min)
Noise level:88 dBA
Part No.DescriptionMin Qty
HSUHMSR292136KRust Removal Tool, Flexible Head, 0.9 HP1


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