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Polarshine E3 Glass Polishing Compound


Mirka has a complete and unique solution for sanding several types of glass. The easy step-by-step process invented by Mirka is easy to follow, from cleaning to sanding and then polishing. Mirka’s glass sanding solution is suitable for many different glass surfaces such as building facades, interior doors as well as yacht, train or other vehicle windows.

Polarshine E3 is designed for polishing out scratches on glass surfaces. It can be used on standard window glass as well as on hardened glass. Polarshine E3 removes marks permanently and is suitable for most glass types. This product is silicone-free.

Recommended storage temperature: 15° -25° C, 59° -77°
F. Should be used together with the Mirka felt pad and on a rotary polisher.

Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
7990302511Polarshine E3 Glass Polishing Compound, 250ml1
7990310111Polarshine E3 Glass Polishing Compound, 1 ltr1
Technical Specifications
Density:1,1 – 1,2
Available sizes:250ml – 1 litre

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