Plastic Car Cover, Reusable

Bulldog Auto

This full car cover is made of durable and lightweight plastic. It’s great to effectively protect your vehicle from water, sun, dirt and dust, and it’s reusable! Use it alone, or under a cloth cover to protect it from scratches. Fits any car with dimensions up to 4,8m by 7,5m. Includes elastic front and rear bottom for a snug fit. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Part No Description Min Qty
BD002 Plastic Car Cover, Reusable 1
Size : 4.800mm (w) x 7.500mm (length)
Full car cover
Light-weight Plastic
Durable and reusable
Non-abrasive (will not scratch car
Provides protection from sun/water/heat/dust and dirt
Elasticated front and rear

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