Mirka AOS-B Spot Repair, 130NV, 3mm Orbit


The battery-driven Mirka® AOS-B130NV is small, ergonomic and energy-efficient.
It offers brushless spot repair sander with a 3mm orbit.

There’s no cord to get tangled in and no air supply that can get contaminated; this tool does not even require oiling.

The 10.8V Li-ion battery lasts up to 16 hours in industrial use and charges in 45 minutes.

Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
8991230311Mirka AOS-B Spot Repair, 130NV, 3mm Orbit1
Technical Specifications
Dust system:Non vacuum
Pad included (code):8294596311/8294598311
Speed (rpm):4000-8000/min
Orbit (mm):3
Size of pad (mm):32
Size of pad (in):1.25
Weight (kg):0.57
Battery voltage (VDC):10.8
Battery capacity (Ah):2
Noise level  LpA (dB):61
Vibration level (m/s²):2.54

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