Light Shrinking Hammer


The striking hammer is a high-quality cast alloy steel head with hardened striking surfaces that feature fine quality octagonal wooden shafts.

The wood and steel wedge handles provide maximum head retention with improved safety, while the tapered heads allow the shaft to expand into the head and are secured with a double wedge.

Panel Beater Double Ended Shrinking Hammer

It is useful in the final stages of panel finishing when slightly stretched areas of metal can be encountered. This type of beater forces small amounts of metal into the spaces created by the cross milling. They can also be used on cold aluminium but is more efficient if heat is applied to the area. The inside of the panel should be worked on where possible to minimise resurfacing work before painting. Sykes Pickavant does not recommend using the same individual tools for steel and aluminium.

Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
52800Light Shrinking Hammer1
Face type = Shrinking
Round face = 41mm
Square face = 38mm
Weight = 0.425kg

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