Inox Grinding Disc, Depressed Centre, Type 27


This stainless steel grinding disc boasts a high bur removal capability with maximum performance and long life. For steel materials, hardened steel and soft steel grades.

Part No. Description Min Qty
KARBOS-10680 Inox Grinding Disc, AA24P, 115mmx6.4mmx22mm 10
KARBOS-10690 Inox Grinding Disc, AA24P, 125mmx6.4mmx22mm 10
KARBOS-10700 Inox Grinding Disc, AA24P, 180mmx6.4mmx22mm 10
KARBOS-10720 Inox Grinding Disc, AA24P, 230mmx6.4mmx22mm 10
Suitable Materials
Weld seams
Construction steels
Tool steels
Metals that contain chrome/nickel/mangan/cobalt
Concrete reinforcing iron
Inox / Stainless steels
High burr removal capability
Suited For
Stainless steel sheets and plates
General types of construction steels
Soft and hard steels
Rail steels
Surface grinding
Corner grinding
Rust cleaning
Deburring after iron foundry operations

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