I-View Kit: 3pcs Rechargeable COB LED Headlamp


I-VIEW is a powerful USB-C rechargeable LED headlamp designed for professional use. Unlike traditional headlamps that provide a focused beam, the I-VIEW illuminates your entire work area, making it perfect for comprehensive task visibility. The sensor mode allows easy control with a hand wave, even when wearing gloves.

This lightweight headlamp features a modern design and a comfortable woven band for extended wear, with a battery indicator for convenient monitoring. Built to withstand tough environments, I-VIEW is water and dust resistant (IP65) and offers an adjustable light output up to 400 lumens. The OPTILight setting ensures optimized light and runtime, providing constant lumen output performance. With a high-efficiency multi-LED design and a 5-year extended warranty, I-VIEW delivers reliability and superior illumination for any work situation.

Technical specifications:
Luminous Flux, Max (Lumen)400
Luminous Flux, Min (Lumen)40
OPTILight setting500 lux@0.5 m (EN 12464-1)
Light SourceHigh efficiency multi-LED design with 12 LEDs
CCT (Kelvin)5700
CRIRa > 80
Adjustable Light Output3 levels
Beam Angle Main120°/60°
Net Weight (kg)0.13kg
Length (mm)99mm
Width (mm)40mm
Height (mm)50mm
Part No.DescriptionMin Qty
49.0219I-View Kit: 3pcs Rechargeable COB LED Headlamp set of 31

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