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H-2000 Gravity Feed Touch-up Gun

Bulldog Auto

Stainless steel needles and nozzles accommodate a variety of coatings. A brass air cap and 3 built‐in control knobs are used to adjust fluid, pattern, and air. Lightweight, ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduce operating fatigue. Best used for auto body touch-up painting. Comes with a standard 0.5mm nozzle. Optional nozzle size: 1.0mm.

Part No Description Min Qty
H2000/0.5 H-2000 Gravity Feed Touch-up Gun, 0.5mm Nozzle 1
H2000/1.0 H-2000 Gravity Feed Touch-up Gun, 1.0mm Nozzle 1
Technical Data
Fluid Nozzle: 0.5mm / 1.0mm
Air Pressure: 2.07 – 3.10 bar (30 -45 PSI)
Air Inlet: G 1/4"
Capacity of cup: 250ml
Feed Type: Gravity Feed

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