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Gold+ (Plus) Zirconia Flap Disc, Angled

Bulldog Industrial

At Bulldog Abrasives we are continuously trying to improve on our already extremely strong locally manufactured range of flap discs through constant research and development, hands on testing and meticulous market analysis.

We are extremely proud to release our ‘top of the range’ Gold+ flap disc into the South African Market! This disc has been developed for all those tough jobs that require the most aggressive, long-lasting disc available – manufactured with 100% Zirconia mineral, and sporting even more flap disc segments, this disc was made to remove stock quickly, and last long. Suitable for any job and available in all of the standard grits.

Technical Specifications:
Bonding: Resin over resin
Grain: 100% Zirconia
Coating: Closed
Colour: Blue
Grit Range: P40 – P120
Backing: Fibreglass
Dimensions: 115×22
Type: Angled/Flat
Suited for: Extremely tough Industrial applications.
Part No. Description Min Qty
BGCZ+115-P40 Gold+ (Plus) Zirconia Flap Disc, Angled, 115mmx22mm, P40 10
BGCZ+115-P60 Gold+ (Plus) Zirconia Flap Disc, Angled, 115mmx22mm, P60 10
BGCZ+115-P80 Gold+ (Plus) Zirconia Flap Disc, Angled, 115mmx22mm, P80 10
BGCZ+115-P120 Gold+ (Plus) Zirconia Flap Disc, Angled, 115mmx22mm, P120 10

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