Emery Cloth Sanding Sheet

Bulldog Industrial

Multi-purpose flexible cloth backed product with quality Alox grain, resin over resin. Designed for use on all ferrous metals, hardwoods, leather, aluminium, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and most alloys. Used for removing tool marks, rust and scale, contour sanding, deburring and general purpose finishing.

Part No.DescriptionMin Qty
WK99-101-P60Emery Cloth Sheets, 230mmx280mm, P6050
WK99-101-P80Emery Cloth Sheets, 230mmx280mm, P8050
WK99-101-P120Emery Cloth Sheets, 230mmx280mm, P12050
WK99-101-P180Emery Cloth Sheets, 230mmx280mm, P18050
WK99-101-P240Emery Cloth Sheets, 230mmx280mm, P24050
Suited For
Composites processing
Wood processing
Do-it yourself
Steel applications

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