Crowned-Face Pein and Hammer


The Sykes Pickavant Crowned-Face Pein and Hammer is a high-quality cast alloy steel head with hardened striking surfaces that feature fine quality octagonal wooden shafts.

The wood and steel wedge handles provide maximum head retention with improved safety, while the tapered heads allow the shaft to expand into the head and are secured with a double wedge.

Crowned Faced Hammers

Crowned-faced hammers are used for the same general purposes as flat-faced hammers but are less likely to cause a crease in sheet metal. However, the crowned face does produce more marked stretching around the impact area.

The lightweight, crowned face panel beater is suitable for applying measured force around light damage or on thinner gauge metal.

Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
56500Crowned Face Light Bumping Hammer1
Round face = 41mm
Straight pein
Weight = 0.425kg
Head Width = 130mm

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