Countersink 60º Bur, Double-cut

ATA Garryson Burs

D-cut (double-cut) burs are for use on most ferous metals, and are the most popular cut-style in the South African Market. They are more user friendly than other bur cuts, due to their fine chip size.

ATA D-cut tungsten carbide burs have an extremely high tungsten carbide content, and boast excellent stock removal qualities on a vast range of metals, such as Steels, Copper, Cast Iron and Nickle Alloys. Their high performance grinding capabilities ensure production savings and reduced down time. They are manufactured to strict quality control standards, which incorporates 100% inspection of brazed joints.

Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
T2920DCountersink 60º Bur, 6mm dia, 4mm cut length1
T2940DCountersink 60º Bur, 10mm dia, 8mm cut length1
T2900DCountersink 60º Bur, 12mm dia, 11mm cut length1
T2960DCountersink 60º Bur, 16mm dia, 14.5mm cut length1

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