C 495 Clear Express SR 4:1

HB Body

A fast-drying, scratch-resistant, clear coat, suitable for high volume shops. Ensures a durable gloss and offers excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions. Mix with Hardener 753 Normal (#753) @ 4:1.

Dries rapidly, 3-hours air dry and 15-mins @ 60°C (140°F). Due to the rapid drying, it is recommended for spot and panel repairs up to half a car. For even faster air drying, mix with Hardener 727 Polar and 20ml Turbo AX 715 for every 250ml of product used.

Drying times

  • 5 min dust-free @ 23°C
  • 40 Min ready for assembly @ 23°C
  • 60-90 Min ready for polishing @ 23°C


Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
HB495/1C 495 Clear Express SR 4:1, 1ltr1
HB495/5C 495 Clear Express SR 4:1, 5ltr1

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