Body 933 Underbody

HB Body

Underbody coating is made of Wax, Rubber, Synthetic Resin, and Bitumen, that is specially formulated against salinity (moisture). It is applied only to the underbody parts.

It produces a perfect pinhole-free finish, dries fast, and remains elastic in temperatures of -20ºC (- 4ºF) and 60ºC (140ºF). It has good adhesion both on clean surfaces and on top of old coats.

It is ready for use and it is applied by a special gun (BODY UBS) at a pressure of 5-6 bar (if a finer structure is required then add nitro thinner (reducer) at 5-10%. Since it contains bitumen and wax, it is NOT over coatable.


Part No Description Min Qty
HB933/1 Body 933 Underbody , Black, 1ltr 1

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