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Body 611 Multi Filler

HB Body

A two-component Multi polyester-based filler appropriate for use on all metallic and wooden surfaces. An excellent filler that spreads smoothly, giving a pinhole-free finish. Easily applied and extremely easy to sand using P80-P120 dry grit paper.


Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
HB611/1Body 611 Multi Filler, Beige, 1kg1
HB611/4.5Body 611 Multi Filler, Beige, 5kg1
Application Information
Mixing ratio: 100:3 mix with BODY Hardener
Hardening Time: 4-5 minutes time to apply with a spatula.
P 80 – P 120 Gives a smooth non porous surface
Store in a cool place
Always wear protective equipment
Suitable for the filling of cavities & rotten areas of metallic surfaces
Wooden Surfaces



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