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Back-up Pad Grip Plain, 5/16″ Thread 150mm


HUBCO provides a quality stud assembly that is rigidly attached to the backing with four rivets. HUBCO offers a rugged thermoset fibreglass epoxy backing that withstands heat, flexing, and impact to keep the pad running flat and true. These tapered edge pads have a more flexible edge than other backup pads and are recommended for contour sanding and feather edging.

Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
HUB007Back‐up pad Grip no holes 150mm 5/16"1

Note: All HUBCO random orbital back‐up pads are rated at 12,000 RPM maximum speed.
Technical Specifications
Profile:Tapered Edged
Material:Medium Urethane Molded
Weight:130 grams

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