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1K Easy Primer

Area of Application

The Carsystem 1K Easy Primer is a universal primer with excellent adhesion properties, corrosion protection and filling power on various metallic substrates. The Carsystem 1K Easy Primer is weldable and can be recoated with water‐based 1K and 2K-Top Coat Systems. The primer is perfect for spot and panel repairs.


In terms of time and material savings, the primer provides optimal synergy in modern automotive refinishing. It is characterized by its swift drying, especially when used with thin coat layers.

Part NoDescriptionMin Qty
VOS2891K Easy Primer, Grey, 400ml1
Perfect anticorrosion properties
Suitable for isolation of sanded-through spots
Priming and filling in one process
Super smooth running
Fast drying
Has a simple and time-saving application
Over-paintable with water-based paints
Over-paintable with 1K and 2K Top Coat systems
Free of chromate

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