Clean Compressed Air For Top Results

Vicky Maroun

September 19, 2016

SATA® Filter 400™ Series

Compressor oil, condensation and dust particles in the pipeline are a part of everyday life when working with compressed air. SATA® compressed air filters assure 100% technically clean air – with a seperation degree of 99.998%. With the SATA® filter 400™ modular filter line, compressed air problems are a thing of the past! David Anthony, technical sales manager for RsB Auto Group, recently installed some of these filters at Durban Central Autobody and technostar in KZn. Wayne Atkinson is the director of Durban Central and technostar who have been customers of RsB Auto Group for the past four-years. He refers to RsB Auto Group as partners, and says that they bring great service and value to his businesses. the backup he receives from RsB Auto Group is the best he has ever had.

Wayne expressed that he is extemely happy with the SATA® filters. so happy that he has installed these filters throughout his shops. “since i have been using the SATA® three stage filters 484™ i have experienced a great improvement in my finish results due to the excellent air quality. this is a top class product, and i would highly recommend it to any panel or paint shop!” With the first class quality of the SATA® Filter 400™ series there are fewer malfunctions and no bad paint jobs caused by contaminated compressed air. the activated charcoal filter module thoroughly protects the painter from harmful vapors and gases. the rugged construction of all filter components ensures a long service life. the filter elements of the oil/water seperation module (stage 1) are completely reusable and easy to clean. these advantages are just the tip of the iceberg! to maintain the efficiency of the filter, the unit must be regularly maintained, thus avoiding coating flaws and other quality issues and eventually expensive rework. in order to remind users to exchange their saturated filter elements regularly, SATA has started to supply all SATA® filter units with a set of sAtA® filter timers. “this feature helps a hell of a lot!” explained Wayne, “i am always busy with so many different jobs, it is so nice to have something to remind me to change the filter elements. this timer is a huge life saver, and it is so easy to use!”

When a new filter regulator is installed, each filter timer must be activated by pressing the button to “start” the servicing interval timer of the respective filter stage. over time, the display window will gradually turn to red, indicating the the passing of time and serving as a guide to the measuring of the filter saturation. When a window has completley changed to red, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. SATA® sets the standard for paint spray guns, compressed air filters and worker health protection. together with their worldwide distributors they assure excellent customer service. Bulldog Abrasives southern Africa (Pty) Ltd is the sole agent of SATA® products and supplies selected distributors across southern and subsaharan Africa.

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