Bulldog Abrasives Stock CarSystem Hand Cleaner

Vicky Maroun

August 12, 2022

Bulldog Abrasives recently introduced the brand new CarSystem Hand Cleaner Extreme to our product line-up. 

At Bulldog Abrasives, we are always expanding and adapting our existing product range to include the latest and greatest products available.

What makes the Hand Cleaner Extreme so great? Bulldog Abrasives Stock CarSystem Hand Cleaner

The Carsystem Hand Cleaner Extreme is an intensive hand cleaner for after and when needed during work. It is silicone-free, solvent-free and biodegradable. It easily removes resistant dirt from paint, and oil and resins very fast.

The application and use of the hand cleaner are simple: The CarSystem Hand Cleaner extreme can be applied on dry and wet hands.

Simply apply a small amount, add some water and wash. Then thoroughly rinse and dry.

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