Bulldog Abrasives Launches Homegrown Tapes

Vicky Maroun

June 8, 2022

At the end of 2021, Bulldog Abrasives launched their range of home-grown tapes suited for various applications.

What does the new range of tapes include?


PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

PVC Insulation tape

Our PVC Insulation Tapes come in a variety of colours for accurate colour coding and can be used to cover and insulate a broad range of cables, wires and other materials that conduct electricity.

The PVC tape is flame retardant / self-extinguishing and has excellent stretch and conformability.


Double-sided Foam Tape
Double-Sided Foam Tape

Bulldog Abrasives Double-Sided Foam Tape consists of polyethylene foam and an acrylic adhesive. It may be used for items that need to be permanently fixed, due to its high strength, but may also be used for a variety of other applications such as gaskets, bonding, sealing, weather stripping, thermal insulation, vibration dampening, etc.

The Double-Sided Foam tape is also UV and temperature resistant so it may be used for industrial and exterior mounting.


HDA (Heavy Duty Adhesive) Double-sided TapeHeavy Duty Adhesive Tape

Bulldog Abrasives home-grown HAD Tape helps you maintain consistency throughout applications. This Heavy-Duty Adhesive Tape is a high-strength, double-sided tape that offers you the ability to join a variety of materials, including, aluminium, steel, glass, ceramic, stone, and more.

Bulldog Abrasives HDA Tape has high adherence for basically any application where joining is required.



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