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File Saw with Exhaust, 8mm


The Rodcrafdt 8mm file saw with exhaust is a fast and handy air saw used for sheet metal. It is ideally suited for precise cutting of car body parts, profiles and sunroofs.


  • Low vibrations, comfortable to use
  • Powerful air saw with a composite handle
  • Rear exhaust
  • Suitable to cut through profiles and multiple layer sheet metals
  • Using long saw blades larger tubes and profiles can even be cut in one
  • 10000 strokes/min.
  • Using a file adapter, the tool can also be converted into an air file (extra accessory)
Part No Description Min Qty
8951079001 RC6050 Saw 1
Part Number: 8951079001
Model: RC6050
Tool category: Saws
EAN: 4030178600005
Average air consumption: 220 l/mn
Air inlet thread size: 1/4 "
Strokes per minute: 9500
Net weight: 0.65
Vibration K (ISO-28927-8): 2.09 m/s²
Vibration α (ISO-28927-8): 12.57 m/s²
Vibration (ISO-8662-12): 7.8 m/s²
Sound DBA pressure: 90.9 db(A)
Stroke: 10 mm
Average air consumption: 3.7 l/s
Sound pressure: 79.9 db(A)
Min. hose size: 8 mm
Length: 262 mm

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