Thin Line Cutting Disc Inox XT10


Extra thin cutting discs have a smaller friction surface
which allows for a fast and cool cut. This eliminates
blueing of the workpiece. Cutting with fewer burrs
also saves the user from tiresome reworking. All
cutting discs for stainless steels are iron and sulphur
free. N.B. Do NOT switch between normal and
stainless steel when processing work pieces.

Brand: Rhodius


Part No Description Min Qty
206162 Cutting Disc 115X1.0 X 22.23 XT10 INOX A46U 50
206260 Cutting disc 230×1.9×22.23 XT10 – INOX A46U 25
Suitable Materials
Rust and acid proofed steels
High tensile / high-alloyed steel
Hardened steels
High tensile metal sheets
Plastic laminated metal sheets
Stainless steel
Low development of burrs
Few sparks
High cutting speed
Long life span
Cool cut
Low odour
Suited For
Burr removal
Solid materials
Thin metal sheets tubes and profiles
Plastic laminated metal sheets
Structural steel sheets concrete reinforcing iron
Folded spiral seam tube